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Ariel Birks

The first issue of Ariel Birks’ fabulous zine is a 48-page exploration of her former life as an evangelical teen. Instructions on how to play Christian, explaining the 'gos-pill', kissing and relationships (or the lack thereof), Christian music, Jesus camp and more.

Nominated for 2009 Zine of the Year by the Utne Reader! 48 Pages, half-letter size. Revised second edition.

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The ever-amazing Ariel Birks (Jesus Christ Superzine) returns with her first poetry book in years (Red Square Desire, anyone?). Gentle In Carnations could be seen as a book of love poems, or sex poems, but is also so much more. An exploration of the pain of being in love and having sex, yes, but even more still. A look at how our consumerist culture exploits our desires...[ continued ]

A plethora of small moments. Singing in the streets, reverse Mother's Day cards, pine-cone determination, and much more. From the author of the ever-popular Jesus Christ Superzine.

40 pages, quarter-size.

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