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Kelsey Smith

Home is Where the Home is. Letterpressed card in plastic sleeve.

Three single-sided letterpressed thank you cards. With envelopes, in a plastic sleeve.

The great Harriet the Spy, immortalized on a letterpressed card. Existing somewhere between a large postcard and a small art print.

"There's Nothing Like a Good Tomato Sandwich Now & Then" on the front, blank on the back.

Amirite is a handsome, well-organized guide to life's humorous annoyances. Or it's an elaborate joke about jokes. Or maybe it's an epic poem where every line ends with "amirite." Commentary from a variety of Olympia luminaries builds this into whatever it is.

48 pages, cut quarter-size. Letterpressed covers, hand-sewn binding.

[ continued ]

Little suggestions, gleaned from songs. Artists from Bad Brains to Kimya Dawson have a say in this unique collection of life advice.

20 pages, cut quarter-size. Letterpressed covers, gorgeous sewn binding.