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Kseniya Yarosh

This issue is ridiculously good. This time around, they review movies that are meant for, or star, children, but should perhaps never be watched by children. With a powerhouse of amazing contributors (including two writers from The Daily Show!), this is a zine that can be enjoyed by people within and outside the zine community.

Great to lay on most any coffee table.

80 pages, half letter size, color covers...[ continued ]

This issue takes a look at the future. Or, rather, how a large handful of semi-ridiculous movies have viewed the future. From robot love to the advent of the internet and beyond.

64 pages, half-letter size.

This hilarious issue deals with love, sex, and relationships in movies. From obsessive amputation love to dorky buddy movie love, all kinds of love gets reviewed here. Some of the most fun you can have in zine form.

64 pages, half-letter size.

The issue that started off this amazing, hilarious, zine series. Before the well-played themes of later issues began, they traversed the cinematic spectrum of Road House to Showgirls, Sleepwalkers to The Pick-Up Artist, all in one issue. Well-written and able to appeal to just about everybody.

52 pages, half-letter size.

[ continued ]

A fantastic new issue of I Love Bad Movies, the movie review zine that is as hilarious as it is well-written and insightful. This issue’s theme: “Early and Late Roles” or, “Before and After They Were Famous.” It’s kind of brilliant.

The highlight is the hilarious interview with Alex Winter (AKA- Bill S. Preston, Esq., of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure!) about his role in Death Wish 3 and Charles Bronson's love of bananas...[ continued ]

The new issue of the ever-wonderful I Love Bad Movies zine. Writers, artists, comedians, and film nerds take on the subject of food in film. Twenty-eight movies are reviewed in-depth, odd stills, fine illustrations and comics ensue. 

76 pages, half-letter size, color covers.

[ continued ]