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Tucker Theodore

Dark pretty lo-fi noise folk from the middle of nowhere. From the singer of Buffalovoice and Gunmothers Head.

Comes with digital download code. Second printing of 100 copies on translucent green cassettes.

Listen on Bandcamp.

"Truly a visionary for that whole ‘freakfolk’ scene to take note of...[ continued ] Tucker Theodore- The Way Home

Temporary distro-wide LP sale! Demons being exorcised and caught on tape. Pop melodies covered with layers of grit. Bedroom classic rock, experimental folk, tape machine noise.

Covers hand glued, razor bladed, and otherwise destroyed by the artist. On marble vinyl. An Antiquated Future Records/Inanambulance collaborative release.

Listen on[ continued ] Tucker Theodore- Love, The Sun Explode

Tucker Theodore's Antimotivational Sleep Tapes are a limited edition series of short, mind-warping sounds to supposedly go to sleep to. Tape hiss, reverse guitar loops, Sister Grotto samples, answering machine messages from Mom.

[ continued ]