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Various Artists

Breakcore and 8-Bit/Chiptune artists team up to make a compilation that raves as much as it destroys. An all-star cast of Mochipet, TheH8rs, Foxdye, Selector Catalogue, Graz, and Shitmat bring you the banginest, bestest, core-iest 12” ever. A collaboration between two of Portland's best electronic labels: Fukdup and Reactionary Records.

Foxdye- Tacompton MDMA Booty Bang (Excited Mix)

Out of print, but now available for FREE (or donation) on our Bandcamp page.

The album that started our long-running compilation series. Seventeen super awesome Northwest (Olympia, Seattle, San Fransisco, and Portland, respectively) musicians. Sweet songstresses, homemade percussion, cello punk, electro-acoustic lullabies, bullhorns, basement horn sections and more...[ continued ] Yes Please- Crucial Things

Out of print, but now available for free (or donation) on our Bandcamp page!

Twenty-one artists from around the Northwest. From indie epics to acapella oceans, banjos and pianos to sound collaged soul parades. Mostly previously unreleased tracks, many exclusive to the comp.

Included within: Twig Palace, Poppet, Cock and Swan, Ariel Birks, Gunmothers Head, Christina Antipa, Christopher Francis, Maxwell Alan, Eleanor Murray, Kendl Winter, DJ Dogwater, Corespondents, If It Ain’t Breakfast Don’t Fix It, Letters, Foxdye, Black Tail Dear, Invisible River, Braided, Marlo Eggplant, Blindfolder, and Jordan O’ Jordan...[ continued ] Christina Antipa- Where Are You Going, Whoever You Are

Out of print, but now available for free (or donation) on our Bandcamp.

Twenty previously unreleased tracks from Olympia, Seattle, Portland, and beyond. 

Featuring the likes of: Little Angry, If It Ain’t Breakfast Don’t Fix It, Firs of Prey, Letters, Poppet, Twig Palace, Corespondents, Kickball, Broken Water, Legs the Crab, Angelo Spencer et Les Hauts Sommets, Gunmothers Head, Eleanor Murray, St...[ continued ] Kickball- Handmedowns

Temporary Sale! Excellent live recordings from the legendary festival. Some of these recordings I have heard more than their respective album versions--they are simply that good.

Mirah, The Mountain Goats, Sleater-Kinney, Bratmobile, The Need, Old Time Relijun, The Microphones, Negativland, and many more.

[ continued ]
Mirah- Engine Heart (Live)

Comic artists and comic lovers think about comics and the importance of comics in their lives. (They even draw a few along the way.)

Within: A dusty comic book store in the '80s serving as salvation for a geeky teen girl; dealing with Asperger’s and learning social cues from comics; the current state of Heavy Metal; adapting The Secret Garden; a girl in the 70’s and her love of war comics; superheroes; Harvey Pekar; and much much more...[ continued ]

An accessible guide for home vegetable gardening! Good for beginners and also intermediate gardeners looking to learn a little more.

Within: raised beds, row beds, community gardens, container gardening, direct-seeding, starting indoors, transplanting, hardening off, weeds, bioremediation, fun and easy plants to start with, when to plant, watering, bugs, seed saving, composting, plant growth and nutrients, tomatoes, flowers, berries, and more...[ continued ]

A triple (!!!) LP with recordings from the legendary Yoyo A Go Go festival in Olympia, Wa. These are among the last of the original printing. Beautiful and collectible. Beck, Neutral Milk Hotel, Unwound, Karp, The Halo Benders, Codeine, Mecca Normal, Mary Lou Lord, Godheadsilo, Team Dresch, are just a few of the artists on this amazing compilation.

Mecca Normal- I Walk Alone (Live at Yoyo a Gogo)

From the golden era of Olympia music. A double-vinyl release with recordings from the legendary Yoyo A Go Go festival. Featuring: Sleater-Kinney, The Mountain Goats, Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Mirah, Elliott Smith, Dead Moon, Karp, and many many more. The last copies from the original printing! Beautiful and collectible.

Available on double LP or CD. 

Sleater Kinney- Dance Song 97 (Live at Yoyo a Gogo)

A cleanly laid out, accessible guide to making DIY events happen. Perfect for those just getting into organizing DIY events and with reminders and ideas that even the seasoned organizer can benefit from. A strong focus on house shows and radical communities, but a lot of ideas that can function in a lot of DIY event situations.

Put together by Neil Campau (of Electrician and World History) and edited by a ton of really great folks—Fred Thomas, Zoe Boekbinder, CJ Boyd, Danah Olivetree, Dustin Krcatovich, and Jamie Menzel, just to name a few...[ continued ]