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A small book of collages from Fredrick Polizzi (of Robot Octopus Vs. Zombie Teddybear Records). Antique photos meet decades of pop culture past.

60 pages, quarter-size. Color covers, B&W inside.

Aloft Alight, Gaia Thomas' latest chapbook, is both precise and casual, filled with moments that punch you in the gut and stick in your mind. A history of trauma and a path toward healing. Poison and medicine, the sound of wind from the cracked open window, trying to swim.

Printed at Olympia's South Bay Press. Sewn wraps, hand-bound by the author.

Gorgeous cover art by Travis Wagner...[ continued ]

With a deep well of humanity beneath it and a propelling force behind it, Bellies and Buffalos takes you on a ride and drops you off feeling healed from the journey. It is sweet and funny and in no way pretentious. With characters so visceral, you’ll set the book down and feel like you’ve touched each of their bellies.

From the unstoppable Tomas Moniz ([ continued ]

The new issue of our favorite literary journal, Big Big Wednesday. Poetry, fiction, essays, illustrations, and photography under the theme of "partial." 24 contributors, including Ben Lerner, Jennifer Williams, Claudia Lars, Haley Rene Thompson, Emily Carr, and Francesca Capone. 

120 pages, oversized trade paperback. Pull-out mini-poster by Maren Jensen. Cover art by Sarah Daegling...[ continued ]

Portland's premier literary journal, Big Big Wednesday, is back for their annual issue. This time around, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, visual art, and photography venture through the many forms of "want." Work from Justin Hocking, Ann Lauterbach, Megan McShea, Nathaniel Mackey, and many more.

166 pages, oversized trade paperback. Color photographs. Hand-numbered edition of 250...[ continued ]

Last copy! The stunning second outing from Portland literary journal Big Big Wednesday takes on the subject of "failing" though fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. With an exceptional contributor list that includes Mary Ruefle, Kevin Sampsell, Michael Heald, Aidan Koch, Elizabeth Ferguson, and many more.

146 pages, oversized trade paperback. Hand-numbered edition of 150...[ continued ]

Last one + Sale! A 100+ page quarter sized book on the life and times of Britney Spears…through the eyes of cancer patient? There’s unexpected depth and wackiness here that make this something special.

“Working from an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Britney, Mason allows her own story and Spears’ story to become intertwined, detailing travails with men, motherhood, and paparazzi and her own travails with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with the same grace and humor...[ continued ]

Sale! From 1993-1997, David Greelish published a zine called Historically Brewed for enthusiasts of classic computers. At its height it had 500+ subscribers, was sold at the Smithsonian and computer museums, and was voted one of the top 10 zines of 1994 by Wired. Now all nine issues are collected in book form and it's great.

A fascinating read, even for people who aren't classic computer fans...[ continued ]

The brand new book from the one-and-only Martha Grover, author of the long-running Somnambulist zine.

"In her new memoir, Martha Grover goes undercover. Whether cleaning houses or looking for love, she peels back the surfaces of ordinary moments and reveals a life both hilarious and traumatic. The End of My Career sees Grover living with her parents again as she enters her late thirties, reconciling the pleasures and perils of being female, chronically ill, and subsisting on menial labor at the edge of an increasingly unaffordable city...[ continued ]

"Set in Tazewell, Virginia, a town whose wholesome storefronts and country charm hide an undercurrent of poverty and lawlessness, Everybody Else's Girl tells the story of growing up poor amid unspeakable violence. Broken-down trailer parks and gritty classrooms provide the background for this story of a girl searching for her voice." 

138 pages, trade paperback.

[ continued ]