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A hilarious coffee table book of commentary on every outfit worn during the first season of The Golden Girls. Jokes about Star Wars, Star Trek, goth music, Scrabble, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, and much much more, ensue.

Brought to you by the folks from the Degrassi Digest zine. 168 pages of fun! Oblong paperback, color covers, black & white images inside...[ continued ]

Sale! This little pocketbook is Reno through the eyes of people who have lived there their whole lives and LOVE it. Reno is full of surprises and its counter/alternative culture is amazingly vibrant. A great place for an adventure. Edited by Sarah May and Sarah Geo of the Go For Broke collective.

“This isn’t your typical visitor’s guide, but a resource for anyone in Reno whether you are here for the night or for life...[ continued ]

Sale! A 100+ page quarter sized book on the life and times of Britney Spears…through the eyes of cancer patient? There’s unexpected depth and wackiness here that make this something special.

“Working from an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Britney, Mason allows her own story and Spears’ story to become intertwined, detailing travails with men, motherhood, and paparazzi and her own travails with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with the same grace and humor...[ continued ]

A beautiful collection of the first six (long out of print) issues of Mend My Dress - a zine that for years has been constantly impressive in its openness and strength. Seeing it in this form puts into perspective how great it is. It’s also one of the best laid out and cleanest zine collections in book form that I have seen.

“Mend My Dress offers a complex, nuanced, and skillfully constructed picture of multifarious girlhood vulnerability...[ continued ]

Last one! One of the best zines around finally gets the book it deserves. A best-of collection that has some amazing pieces from the first five years of Rad Dad. Well known names like Ian MacKaye, Cory Doctorow, Jeff Chang, Steve Almond are includes within, next to many other inspiring radical parents, with editor Tomas Moniz at the helm - constantly reminding the reader to get inspired by life and to see how we teach and treat children as a radical act...[ continued ]

Last One + Marked down due to slight shelf wear! Collecting the first ten issues of Rad Dad in book form. Editor Tomas Moniz says in the introduction that: “Looking at the first ten issues of Rad Dad is kinda like remembering those cute adorable toddler years of your child: precocious, ridiculous, earnest, and so fucking beautiful. They remind me of good times, of an innocence and a playfulness that continue on in the kids we raise as well as the projects we do, but too often become overshadowed by so many other aspects of growing up, maturing...[ continued ]

Casey Fuller has produced a book of poetry worthy of the highest praise. Depth and humor run side by side, pointing to truths great and small. Moments that drop jaws- subjects that span from Patrick Swayze to what happens when we die, Keats to the pre-historic origins of spray painting penises on warehouse doors.

Winner of the 2011 Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Contest, and rightly so. 40 pages, trade paperback size...[ continued ]

Nothing is as inspirational as Ilse Content. Even when it doesn’t try to be, by its very nature, it gives hope and power where there seems to be none. Never ceasing to be interesting and surprising, the first eight years of Ilse Content are collected here for the first time.

Bringing back to life many long out of print issues, the first 10 volumes are anthologized in this clean and artistically beautiful book from Mend My Dress Press...[ continued ]

A collection of pieces from the We’ll Never Have Paris literary zine. Creative nonfiction that often ends up somewhere between heartbreaking and hilarious.

“Each short story featured in the collection focuses on the theme of things which were ill-fated, star-crossed, or just plain bad ideas…Tales of regret, poor decisions, and disappointment find their way to the pages of this collection of true stories that reflect the human condition...[ continued ]

"“Lisa Wells - a daughter of Portland, Oregon - has been listening, and watching, her whole life: in bedrooms, bars, and on the streets of foreign towns. She’'s been taking notes, too. In Yeah. No. Totally. she presents her findings in a suite of nuanced, artfully sculpted think-pieces on topics from lost rock clubs to the barrios of Nicaragua, capturing more than a few subtle truths about friends and fathers along the way...[ continued ]