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David Greelish
The Complete Historically Brewed $ 10.00 back

From 1993-1997, David Greelish published a zine called Historically Brewed for enthusiasts of classic computers. At its height it had 500+ subscribers, was sold at the Smithsonian and computer museums, and was voted one of the top 10 zines of 1994 by Wired. Now all nine issues are collected in book form and it's great.

A fascinating read, even for people who aren't classic computer fans. It's a peek into a world full of stories and folklore all its own and the juxtaposition between the computers pictured within and what we use today is fun and at times hilarious. It's also the perfect example of the potential of zines and the unique places people can take them to.

196 pages, coffee table size, color covers.

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