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Stores That Carry Antiquated Future Goods
Bluestockings Books (New York, NY)- a volunteer-powered, collectively-owned bookstore and community center.
Book Show (Los Angeles, CA)- Great carnival-esque book store.
Downtown Books & News (Asheville, NC)- Books, periodicals, and zines in downtown Asheville.
Elliott Bay Book Company (Seattle, WA)- A Seattle institution.
Fellow Shop (Salt Lake City, UT)- Shop of handmade and specialty goods.
Firestorm Cafe & Books (Asheville, NC)- Cooperatively owned cafe and bookstore.
Flutter (Portland, OR)- A favorite Portland shop of assorted goodness.
The Future (Minneapolis, MN)- A new shop and studio space in Minneapolis.
Guestroom Records (Norman, OK)- Awesome long-running Norman/OKC record shop.
Good Press (Glasgow, UK)- Gorgeous literary journals, books, tapes, and zines.
Independent Publishing Resource Center (Portland, OR)- Long-running Portland arts non-profit & community space.
Jigsaw Records (Seattle, WA)- Ballard record shop of indie-pop delights.
Left Bank Books (Seattle, WA)- Collectively-run radical bookstore.
Mississippi Records (Portland, OR)- Our very favorite record store.
Orca Books (Olympia, WA)- Orca has our heart.
Pegasus Bookstore (Berkeley, CA)- A great Berkeley bookstore.
The Pop-Hop Books & Print (Los Angeles, CA)- Highland Park bookshop full of print goodness.
Powell's Books (Portland, OR)- Mega-bookstore with an excellent small press section curated by Kevin Sampsell.
Purrington's Cat Lounge (Portland, OR)- Adoptable cats, fine beverages, and zines.
Quimby's Books (Chicago, IL)- The promised land of zines.
Sticky Institute (Melbourne, AUS) - A wonderful volunteer-run, non-profit zine retailer and art gallery.
Sustain (Chicago, IL) - A gallery and workspace in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.
The Venderia (Portland, OR)- The best vending machines ever.
Waltz (Tokyo, JP)- Cassette-focused store in Tokyo. Tape heaven.
Wave Pool Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)- Non-profit art gallery and community space.
White Light Mercantile (Rockford, IL)- New shop of assorted goods in Rockford.
Wonder Fair Gallery (Lawrence, KS)- Art gallery, event space, and DIY goods shop.
ZimZim (Portland, OR)- Portland store of novelty goods.

Zine Distros                                                                     
Brown Recluse Zine Distro- rad distro representing and supporting People of Color.
Doris Press- zines and music that deal with feminism, queerness, gender, and the personal as political.
Fight Boredom- zine distro out of Montreal, Canada, carrying zine, reviewing zines.
Pansy Twist Distro- a zine and music distro that focuses on art made by ladies and queers.
Pioneers Press- mega-distro. Tons of great zines, books, planners, shirts, buttons, patches, etc.
Portland Button Works- zines and buttons. Ran by the ever-awesome Alex Wrekk.
Raumschiff Distro- great zine distro out of Berlin, Germany.
Stranger Danger Distro- zine distro out of Chicago. One we always turn to for a good selection.
Sweet Candy Distro- zines, handmade goods, and a book press. Out of Olympia, WA.
Twelveohtwo Distro- long-running (12 years!) event-mostly distro of awesomeness.
Vampire Sushi- UK distro of zines, buttons, and patches.                                                                                            

Record Labels
Antiquated Future Records- Our label! Music from the future past.
Bed of Roses- Portland label/collective, bringing you only positive vibrations.
Bicycle Records- long-running Olympia indie folk-pop label.
Dropping Gems- Portland label of future roots, stuttering beats, and low end.
Fkdp Records- Portland label of broken breakcore, melting ambiance, and ravestep.
K Records-The legendary, long-running Olympia independent. Dear friends who put out great things.
Lost Sound Tapes- Seattle tape label of indie pop all stars and sweethearts.
M'Lady's- Rad Portland label. From Ruby Pins and Hysterics to Make-Up reissues.
People in a Position to Know- limited edition and interestingly shaped and sized vinyl.
Rumbletowne- Olympia-based punk label of never-ending goodness.
Single Girl Married Girl- Philly label of brilliantly odd pop.

Small Presses
Eberhardt Press- our go-to press! Blank books, radical pamphlets, and available for all your printing needs.
Future Tense Publishing- long-running Portland publisher. Always on the cutting-edge of literary awesomeness.
Mend My Dress Press- anthologized zine collections and more.
Perfect Day Publishing- doing wonderful work out of Portland, Oregon.
Two Plum Press- gorgeous limited edition poetry and experimental prose books.

Sites & Organizations
Broken Pencil- long-running magazine about zine culture and independent arts.
Do DIY- great resource for DIY spaces around the world.
L.A. Zine Fest- an incredible fest and a constant source for news from the DIY community throughout the year.
Monarch Review- Seattle-based journal of literature and cultural commentary.
Portland Zine Symposium- our favorite zine fest!
Secrets of the Photocopier- mapping English-speaking zine culture the world over.
Small Howl- the gorgeous flier art of Katie Savastano (the artist behind the Antiquated Future lettering).
Stolen Sharpie Revolution- great resource for zines and zine culture. Supplement to the book of the same name.
Syndicated Zine Reviews- reviews of newly released zines.
Zine Nation- zine reviews, interviews, and more.