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Math-y, instrumental post punk out of Olympia. Melodic, jangly, and easy to get lost in. Also: awesome drawings by Scott Young and a digital download. Listen on Bandcamp.

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Chung Antique- Tim

Sale! Forty-five minutes of (melty/warpy/bubbly/sparkly) ambient material released on Northwest experimental label, Corpus Callosum. Listen on Bandcamp.

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Sale! Minimalist ambientnoise drone--by two of its very best purveyors. The last couple copies of the otherwise sold out first pressing!

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Sale! Takhoma’s live shows blow minds and change lives. This is a collection of a bunch of those experiences put to tape. You could probably use a lot of words to describe it - drone, ambient, indie rock, shoegaze, noise--but I think it may just be completely its own thing. Comes neatly wrapped in twine with insert.

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This band is everybody’s favorite…and with good reason. They draw on traditions while also having a lot of fun within those traditions, making some really interesting music without losing their energy. With covers hand silk-screened by the band themselves. Each 7” also comes with their seven song Panic Attack CD inside! What a deal.

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Agatha- Undefined

Sale + Last one! This album has such amazing energy. Like a way weirder version of Good Luck's Into Lake Griffy. Tight, technical, catchy. Hand silk-screened covers.

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Chin Up, Meriwether!- Howling Underwater

Sale! Jordan O'Jordan’s “Little Finger” on one side and Time and Temperature’s “Havana” on the other.

Hand silk-screened, on a variety of different colors of vinyl, and comes with a digital download code.

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“Science-troubadour banjo-songs. The musical story of two electrons in search of molecular love.” Ah, the charm of Jordan O'Jordan (of Polka Dot Dot Dot fame), there’s really nothing quite like it. Expect group sing-alongs, banjo ballads, geeky science references. He’s toured the country many times over, is an indie star in New Zealand, and works at a cancer research center in his down time...[ continued ] Jordan O'Jordan- Little Finger

This is the Kickball album that best captures the crazy energy this band has live--the starts and stops, the bursts of anger and intimacy, everyone yelling together at the top of their lungs. It also has the expert production of Bob Schwenkler, making it an experience of complete sensory overload. Cramming this full length onto 10 inches of vinyl gives a rawness that is so sweet. 

Printed on white vinyl, full color sleeve, and full color insert with lyrics...[ continued ] Kickball- Fight

Eleanor Murray and Pamela Margon combine to play to make 9 gorgeous songs of old time folk fiddle goodness. Five originals and four traditionals, all recorded by Mr. Pat Maley (Yoyo Records, Yoyo a Gogo). Perfect music for a good many occasions.

Tattered Dress- Green Pea