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Collecting Greg Murray's seven inches and CD EPs from the early 2000s, this tape is a cohesive dose of '60s psychedelia influenced rock and folk-pop.

Limited edition of 30 blue cassettes. Packaging and cover art by NanSea Griggs. The third release from Why the Tapes Play Records.

Ten songs from long-running New Hampshire folk-rock band The Old World. The latest release on Why the Tapes Play Records. 

Each cassette comes with unique case art by NanSea Griggs. Gold cassettes, gorgeous vellum insert, wrapped in an aged label sleeve.

A tribute to the late, great writer Richard Brautigan. Eight songs by a wide variety of artists (from folk to wild noise-pop) about Brautigan and his work.

Music from: Marble Tea, Green Circles, The Sound of the Ladies, Treecreeper, stephanmccains, Georgia Ruth, James Murray, and The Lovely Eggs.

Hand-stamped, hand-painted bradpaks. Includes two hand-mimeographed poems by Brautigan and an original hand-typed poem by NanSea Griggs...[ continued ]