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An hour of Northern Soul gems. In these 22 tracks, we find tributes to BBQs, pleas to the DJ, tons of barely-known soul sisters, admissions of guilt, inspirational personal-as-political uplifters, sultry jams, soul stars in their youth, would-be-soul-stars who died too young, and much more.

Track listing insert, hand-stamped tape labels. Part of our Summer Soul mixtape series...[ continued ] Jan Bradley - Please Mr. Dj

20 songs that make up an hour of positive, heat-of-summer, '70s soul. Thank you songs, day dreams, private numbers, pleas, the great number of things we can do together, good times.

Track listing insert, hand-stamped tape labels. Part of our Summer Soul mixtape series.

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Ann Peebles- Make Me Yours

23 songs from the early days of soul music. Rhythm & blues, early rock n’ roll, doo wop, and more.

From lo-fi garage howls to percussion-heavy slow jams, these early soul stars and lost icons sing of pony dances, chicken stealing, floor mopping, basement parties, and everything in between.

Track listing insert, hand-stamped tape labels. Part of our [ continued ] Mary Wells- Bye Bye Baby

An hour of soul music under the theme of "love and confusion." 23 songs that span a wide map of emotional ground--from revelry to despair, usually some combination of the two. Northern soul, rhythm & blues, and more.

Track listing insert, hand-stamped tape labels. Part of our Summer Soul mixtape series...[ continued ] Betty Harris- Hook, Line & Sinker

The return of our long-running compilation series! Featuring twenty-two previously unreleased songs by under-appreciated artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Cover art by Ariel Birks, covers printed by Eberhardt Press. Comes with digital download code, track listing, and liner notes. Hand-stamped second edition of 100 copies. Listen on Bandcamp...[ continued ] Upside Drown- Dead Phones

Excitable, incomparable, art punk meets indie pop. One of my all-time favorite albums. 

Recorded by Bob Schwenkler, mastered by Pat Maley. Packaged in a jewel case and released on the legendary Olympia label, Yoyo Recordings. Listen on Bandcamp.

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Kickball- Party

Of the most hypnotizing order, Portland, Oregon‘s Lynnae Gryffin creates songs that are almost not songs, but instead long walks through woodland folklore. It’s something ancient and indirect. Amazing (and brilliantly odd) ambient guitar work mixes with a voice that is as much wise scholar as it is child-like wonder.

Lynnae Gryffin- William Reminder

Sparse folk songs mingle with chilling electronic ambience. Hauntingly gorgeous.

Comes with digital download code. Released on Absenter Records. Listen on Bandcamp.

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Agatha $12.00

Eight tracks from Seattle queer-punk champions. Totally awesome. Hand silk-screened covers.

“Delivering brain-twisting angry analysis that will make you sing along til your throat rips and spittle flies from your lips, in awe that someone whittled these experiences of life on earth down to a smart lyric you can scream with your friends. Yes we are numerous. Yes we are powerful.” -RTR

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Agatha- Sissy Dang

Last one! Diners make casually-perfect indie pop. Backyard parties in the heat of summer. Sitting on the roof at night looking at the stars.

With members of Dogbreth. Listen on Bandcamp.

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Diners- Hanging Out With You