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Paper Goods

A rock thrush, or a monticola. Part of the chats genus. In notepad form.

100% recycled and reused materials, unlined white pages, spiralbound. 3.5 “x 5”, 50 pages, chipboard colors vary.

Sale + last one! Going union. A seasonal letter-pressed greeting card from Kelsey Smith.

Blank inside with envelope.

[ continued ]

A Captain Picard greeting card, with envelope, handmade in Portland, Oregon by Allison Beckwith. One of three designs, available as a greeting card pack.

[ continued ]

Silent Allies are Not Allies. A letterpressed reminder from Hope Amico.

4" x 5" card.

Eight (anytime) Valentines of recontextualized Smiths lyrics. Deviance, angst, and longing, in the familiar format of a grade school Valentine.

One of each design, printed on ivory stock, bordered in red, with To and From on reverse. Packaged in a vinyl sleeve with cardboard to keep them safe in transit.

Sometimes an apology is in order.

4" x 5" letterpressed card.

A sunbird, taking a dive.

Offset print, spiralbound, unlined book. On reused brown chipboard, recycled and reused paper inside.

3" x 4.5,” 60 pages.

The most adorable thank you card ever made. Small cats on a postcard from letterpress artist Hope Amico.

4"x5". Part of her letterpressed postcard subscription series.

[ continued ]

This Disaster Happened Because You Are A Heterosexual postcard. Referencing the awesome song by The Ovens.

4" x 5.5", glossy finish, postcard lines on reverse side.

[ continued ]

A handsome, spiral-bound tiger notepad.

Cover colors vary. Unlined white pages inside. 

100% recycled and reused materials. 5" x 6.5", 50 pages.