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A small collection of writings by Isabelle Eberhardt. A Nineteenth Century gender deviant and kif-smoking Sufi anarchist. Traversing the Saharan desert, battling African colonialization, recording it in poetic prose.

This mini-zine borders on art book, beautifully printed by Portland’s Eberherdt Press. Quarter-size, oblong, 44 pages.

From farms, to the Olympia Film Society, to Razorcake Magazine, to Cambodian friends in Bangladesh, to community garden cooperatives--the voices in this zine give representation to lots of different ways to feel like a part of a community.

40 pages, half-letter size.

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This is a zine “about doing things together as friends, family, collectives, and communities.” In this issue there are stories about organizing a feminist collective, spending time with a Palestinian farmer and the story of the struggle to keep his land, starting a cooperative community space, gathering fruit and making jam, forming an arts collective, and finding community through burlesque...[ continued ]

A rural Minnesotan is the welcoming narrator that guides us through his first few journeys hitchhiking and the characters he meets along the way. A great intro for those who haven’t tried it out, or are thinking about trying to live without a car. The best part, though: the history. He gives a pretty fascinating and well-researched abridged account of hobo culture and hitchhiking’s beginnings--its changes with the cutlure and economy, and its folklore and mythology...[ continued ]

A pretty amazing history of, largely, pre Roe Vs Wade America. Stories about tons of incredible women who took matters into their own hands. A lot information packed into these twenty-four pages.

“This is not just another pro-choice zine. It is an introduction to the history of underground abortion and a call to learn our history and to take matters in our own hands.” -Eberhardt Press...[ continued ]

This issue of Ilse Content has a fun simplicity that makes me ridculously happy. Amusing, engaging family portraits, beautifully illustrated.

16 pages, half-letter size.

The first issue of Ariel Birks’ fabulous zine is a 48-page exploration of her former life as an evangelical teen. Instructions on how to play Christian, explaining the 'gos-pill', kissing and relationships (or the lack thereof), Christian music, Jesus camp and more.

Nominated for 2009 Zine of the Year by the Utne Reader! 48 Pages, half-letter size. Revised second edition.

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Everything you've ever wanted to know about the artist currently known as Prince. Looking into fame culture, gender, and sexuality while still having fun along the way.

The Symbol, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Michael Jackson, parental advisory, Wendy & Lisa, protégés, movies, power, the early years, The Revolution, The New Power Generation, fun facts galore, and an epic discography. Illustrations throughout by cartoonist Rachel Lee-Carman...[ continued ]

Tomas Moniz (Rad Dad creator and editor) has been doing something unprecedented of late--a serialized novella in zine form. Not your standard zine fare. It’s a story unveiled through separate first person perspectives, starring believable characters in modern day Berkeley, California, all joined together by an anarchist book club...[ continued ]

Sale! Marked down to half off due to minor shelf wear. This beautiful chapbook is the work of Olympia experimental fiction writer, Sarah Tavis. Two longer stories told in poetic prose, one that follows a relationship from Niger to Texas and the other being told through the letters of two writers. Both amazing.

The chapbook comes with a digital download code for a 15 minute collaborative music & spoken word accompaniment piece between Sarah Tavis and [ continued ]