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The voices in this zine give representation to a wide variety of ways to feel like a part of a community. From organic farms to the Olympia Film Society to Razorcake Magazine to Cambodian friends in Bangladesh to community garden cooperatives. A modern zine classic.

40 pages, half-letter size.

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An accessible guide for home vegetable gardening! Good for beginners and also intermediate gardeners looking to learn a little more.

Within: raised beds, row beds, community gardens, container gardening, direct-seeding, starting indoors, transplanting, hardening off, weeds, bioremediation, fun and easy plants to start with, when to plant, watering, bugs, seed saving, composting, plant growth and nutrients, tomatoes, flowers, berries, and more...[ continued ]

Little suggestions, gleaned from songs. Artists from Bad Brains to Kimya Dawson have a say in this unique collection of life advice.

20 pages, cut quarter-size. Letterpressed covers, gorgeous sewn binding.

Unintended Bookmarks: A Collection of Lost Items (and Other Library Related Etceteras) is both a brilliant assortment of found items and a peek into the weird, sometimes gross, and often life-affirming world of working in a library. Within: notes, drawings, letters, photos, lists, coasters, diagrams, postcards, and so much more.

The zine even comes with its own library checkout slip!

40 pages, half-letter size...[ continued ]

Last copy! Four essays from writers Sarah Tavis, Sarah Keliher, Sarah McGraw, and Themba Lewis. Stories that travel from the dinner table of a San Diego suburb to the Red Sea.

Letterpressed covers done at Community Print in Olympia, Wa. Part of a 30-copy first edition run on Chula Chula Press. 68 pages, half-letter size.

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