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Jonas , Carlene Ostedgaard , Various Artists
I, Mirage/My Mirage: A Zine About Body Image $ 3.00 back

A great zine about body image, featuring a wide range of perspectives, all of them fascinating. So many reminders that we all face insecurities about how we look. And that the ways insecurities manifest are unique and universal at the same time.

What ultimately comes out of this series of essays is a lot of hope, a lot of people who have suffered and are now in a good place, or at least a better one. Though the stories are often hard, they have a lot of moments of light. And a lot of beauty. 

Contributors include Joshua James Amberson, Caitlin Constantine, Carrie Colpitts, Yoko Ishioka, Jonas, Sarah Rose, Jeanette Ruiz, Mel W., Aaron Weber, and Leda Zawacki.

32 pages, half-letter size, cover colors vary.

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