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Tim Devin
Mapping Out Utopia: 1970s Boston-Area Counterculture, Book 2 (Boston) $ 11.00 back

"Mapping Out Utopia is a three-part look at the Boston area's 1970s counterculture, based on listings found in old countercultural directories and magazines. Each volume of Mapping Out Utopia maps out a different part of the city. This one takes a stab at the heart of the region: Boston.

This volume offers overviews of almost 200 organizations, eleven hand-drawn maps, and a number of in-depth overviews on topics including gay liberation, black separatism, and church basements as countercultural command centers. From Operation Black to the Recycling Revolutionary Coop, it's all in here."

108 pages, 26 illustrations, 11 maps. Green cardstock cover, with off-white interior pages. Half-letter size, stapled wraps.

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