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Ed Blair , Various Artists
Pro Wrestling Feelings #7 $ 10.00 back

The latest issue of everyone's favorite wrestling zine. This issue focuses on the Best of the Super Juniors and the New Japan Pro-Wrestling league. A nuanced take on "cruiserweight" wrestling, this is a cool deep-dive for wrestling fans and a curious peek into a very specific subculture for everyone else. 

Within: Amanda Traphagan (Hiromu and His Boyfriends, Red Leather and Danger) on the Hiromu Takahashi/Dragon Lee feud; Angela Cosenzo examines the relationship between Takahashi and El Desperado; editor Ed Blair on the ephemeral nature of '00s indie wrestling and the impact of the Low-Ki/Amazing Red feud; and an interview with artist Yewon Kwon on gender exploration and fine-art commercialism.

PLUS: two data DVDs of video content that relates to the articles in the zine, so you can watch along.

40 pages, half-letter size, full-color.

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