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Rachel Lee-Carman
Show & Tell #8 $ 3.00 back

“Who am I when no one is watching?” author Rachel Lee-Carman asks herself at one point in Show & Tell #8. For her, this issue is the spirituality issue. It’s trying on different shoes and seeing if they fit. It’s connecting to nature, meditating on home, people living together, loneliness, fairness, day to day folk art, magic, fire. In this way, it’s so beyond anything she’s done before.

There’s a depth to her writing that, at times, makes the work feel mysterious and wonderfully haunting. The fun layout and her awesome little drawings are still present, but it’s something different this time around. It didn’t make me want to look for something bigger at all, but made me embrace what I already have and recognize what’s right in front of me. And sometimes that’s the most important thing you can remember to do.

Half legal-size, 40 pages. Hand-painted/collaged covers.

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