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Jonas , Various Artists
SRVIV #1 $ 3.00 back

Some of the world's best zine writers answer the question "Why I get out of bed every morning." The results are beautiful, challenging, and inspiring.

With contributions from: Cindy Crabb (Doris), Tomas Moniz (Rad Dad), Ariel Gore (Hip Mama), Taryn Hipp (SubRosa), Dave Roche (On Subbing), Miss C. Bean, Carrie Colpitts, JC, Norma Krautmeyer, Rebecca Peloquin, Dustin Seelinger, Stacy Russo, and Andréa Sunshine. Edited by Jonas from Cheer the Eff Up zine and The Greatest Most Traveling Circus.

52 pages, half-letter size, cover colors vary.

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