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Ben Trogdon , Various Artists
Tattoo Punk Fanzine, Issue 3 $ 15.00 back

A jam-packed new issue of Tattoo Punk, the fanzine about tattoos, punks, and tattooed punks. Edited by Ben Trogdon of everyone's favorite artsy punk paper, Nuts! 

Highlight: a historic look at the infamous Demers tattooing family from the 1940s on, by way of Harley Flanagan of the Cro-Mags. 

Interviews with: Chris Bauermeister from Jawbreaker, Tamara Santibañez, Teddy Soul Punk, Kati Vaughn, Nader from Haram & Tina from Rubber, Eddie from Brazil, Lauren from Texas, and the anarcho-punks in the crust band Flower.

Photography by: Virginia Zwanzger, Rhylli Ogiura, Pancho, LeAnn Averall, Bono Melendrez, and Olivia Perez. Art from so many more.

64 pages, full-color, magazine-size. Comes nicely wrapped and with a sticker.

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