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Melanie Maddison , Various Artists
Shape & Situate #2: Posters Of Inspirational European Women $ 5.00 back

Last copy! Fascinating history and bad ass feminism combine into 23 ready-to-be-enlarged posters from: Erica Smith, Rachael House, Melanie Maddison, Michelle Mendonca, Anna Knowles, Verity Hall, Kathryn Taylor, Nina Nijsten, Peter Willis, Emily Aoibheann, Ed Webb-Ingall, Cara Corden, Patrick Staff, R Clout, Kathleen Teadrinker, Marylou Anderson, Flo Brooks, Charlotte Cooper, Cendrine Rovini, Gladys Badhands, James Clayton, and John Davison. A5 size, 28 pages.

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