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Nicki Sabalu , Various Artists
DIY or Don't We? Number Three $ 3.00 back

DIY or Don’t We’s third issue focuses on food and the way it makes a community. Within: Finding ways to work with few ingredients to feed many people, farming as a person of color, reclaiming the kitchen while still fighting prescribed gender roles, soup kitchens, movements for food sovereignty, seed exchange, love letters, and more.


As it's so beautifully said in the introduction: “It makes sense that food and community would be naturally entwined, maybe even inextricably so. Just as we all need to eat, we also need to be nourished. When we don’t nourish our bodies, they languish. When we don’t nourish our communities, they wilt away, too. But with care, they can be resilient and bare indispensable wisdom.”

24 pages, half-letter size.

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