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Sam Lohmann , Various Artists
Peaches & Bats Issue 9 $ 5.00 back

Always the forefront of interesting/experimental/beautiful poetry and experimental writing forms. This issue is unique in that it has a couple interesting pieces that meld shorty story, literary criticism, and poetry into something all its own. It also has a great poem about Willie Nelson. And one about Julio Cortázar.

With work by: Chris Ashby, Laynie Browne, Allen Edwin Butt, John Coletti, Andrew Hughes, Sarah Kelly, Maryrose Larkin, Glenn Mott, Sheila E. Murphy, Nate Orton, Eléna Rivera, Linda Russo, Cindy St. John and James Yeary. 72 pages, half-letter size, hand-sewn binding, letterpressed covers.

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