If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It
There Will Be Casualties
$ 7.00

Psych-folk cabaret from the mind of Olympia composer Jeff Shannon. Surprising arrangements and dream-logic lyrics in soundscapes of uncommon textures. Sinisterly absurd. Infectiously unusual.

Hand-stamped covers with a hand-cut stamp by Jillian Chaplain. Tapes are protected with a (removable) bandage. Paper insert with short poetic-prose essay on the There Will Be Casualties concept (emotional bandages, the armor of habitual protection, a mask of disguise or defense).

Released on Antiquated Future Reccords. Listen on Bandcamp.

"There Will Be Casualties could be considered a document of the death of one part of the self, and the clearing of the path for new life...This is no ordinary consumption of audio or visual material." - Adam Padavano, Cassette Gods 

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