Ayun Halliday
East Village Inky, No. 65: Kitchen
$ 3.00

Founded on the premise that "even the most mundane details are pretty entertaining if you come at 'em from an intentionally cockeyed angle & spend enough time down the rabbit hole," The East Village Inky is cashing in on its senior discount for this, its 65th issue. And this is perhaps the perfect embodiment of that founding premise, with a kitchen theme that's more about the oddities adorning the kitchen than the food the room gives home to.

There are some recipes along the way, sure, but it's mostly filled with delightful stories about knick-knacks, portraits, magnets, and wacky collectibles. (There's even a cartoon shout-out to our BoJack Horseman zine!)

40 pages, oblong quarter-size.

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