Billy McCall , Various Artists
Last Night at the Casino, Volume 1
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One of the great themed series zines (up there with Dishwasher and Rad Dad), Last Night at the Casino has been the go-to behind-the-scenes peek into casino life for the past decade. Noted zine writer and card dealer Billy McCall (Proof I ExistBehind the Zines) has a way of bringing the oddest moments to life. Full of humor, Last Night at the Casino is a joy in large part because it's not mean-spirited but observant and open.

This volume compiles the first eight issues of Last Night at the Casino, plus several stories and comics from other publications gathered together here for the first time. Includes a guest story by Lady Pajama and a comic by GoBonusSaves.

368 pages, short trade paperback. Volume Two now available.

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