Fred Thomas
Sink Like A Symphony (2023 Reissue)
$ 20.00

A beloved early album from Fred Thomas (of Saturday Looks Good to Me, City Center, Idle Ray), newly reissued, remastered, and reworked. First released in 2005, Sink Like A Symphony is a perfectly playful mix of lo-fi indie folk, folk-punk, and experimental pop. 

The best part of this reissue is that it's become something new in the process. Songs have been dropped, while others have been edited, reordered, and sometimes added to.

As Fred writes: "For the new LPs, the idea was to present a more streamlined listening experience that gets to the point immediately. It still feels like a genuine representation of how 2005 felt for me, with some of the more confusing parts omitted to move things along. It's my hope that anyone who already knows and cares about these songs will feel the intention in changing the way they're organized, and anyone hearing them for the first time will get what I'm trying to communicate as well."

Listen on Bandcamp. Includes a full-color lyric sheet. Limited pressing of 300 copies. 

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