Hazel Briar
The Night Before
$ 8.00

The Night Before is one of those rare concise records with a sound so contained, a sonic universe so immersive that as a listener you are simply dropped into it and left there to have your experience. There's the lilting of Hazel Briar’s voice, the shifting of chords, the plucking of keys and all of their cohesive reverberations: 8 songs in 28 minutes, a chance to drift into the treetops awhile. 

The title of the album refers to its recording process: taking place the actual night before Hazel and her partner/musical collaborator’s daughter was born. The Night Before carries the energy of this anticipatory moment; it feels like an intentional ritual as much as it does a collection of folk songs. 

Released on Antiquated Future Records. Professionally dubbed high-bias cassette tape with reversible J-card. Silver ink on smoke-tint shells. 

Listen on Bandcamp.

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