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Behind the Zines #14: A Zine About Zines
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Now available only in a back issue 8-packA truly action-packed issue of Behind the Zines, with articles about zines in academia, stapler sponsorship, what it means to be a Luddite in the digital present, zine trends of the past decade, and so much more.

With pieces by so many writers and artists in our catalog: Liz Mason (Caboose), Danny Noonan (Clock Tower Nine), Delphine Bedient (The Last Time My Sadness Was Convenient), Ayun Halliday (East Village Inky), Joshua James Amberson (Basic Paper Airplane), and of course series editor Billy McCall (Last Night at the Casino). Pieces from writers we've been following for years: Todd Taylor (Razorcake), Ed Tillman (Manifesto), Ken Basuert (The Ken Chronicles), Burf Quimby (Quimby's NYC). And pieces from writers that are new to us: Anna Gecko, Heather Andhercats, Scotty Leonard, and E. War. 

40 pages, half-letter size.

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