Various Artists , Joe Carlough
Hit the Decks, Issue 2: A Fanzine of Music, Art, & Cassette Culture
$ 5.00

The community issue of Hit the Decks reaches out to the larger This & That Tapes friends and family circle, seeing how everyone can come together under the banner of analog media.

There's visual art, essays, poems, and lyrics from A Good Host, little stray, Mike Ward, Carl Zenobi, Spencer Moody, Marie Baldys, JayMcQ, Davey Pearson, K. E. Miller, KEVIN MF KING, Joe Jack Talcum, Western Paperbacks, Ed Kemp, Jared Power, Ben Thomas-Kennedy, BW, and Nicole Krecicki. Comes with an accompanying digital "community album" with many of the artists within and bands on the label.

32 pages long, quarter-sized. Printed in grayscale on antique canary newsprint paper from Kurtz Bros, a Pennsylvania paper provider founded in 1894.

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