Liz Mason
The Most Unwanted Zine
$ 5.00

Based on extensive zine research and surveying, The Most Unwanted Zine incorporates everything people like least in zines. Inspired by Russian conceptual artists Komar and Melamid and their genius creations like "The Most Unwanted Song," The Most Unwanted Zine is a true charmer for any long-time zine reader.

In Liz's own words: "The #1 thing people said they didn't want in a zine? Poetry. So there's that. The #2 thing people complained about zines? Shitty construction. So there's that. But also, don't miss a self-involved perzine rant, ridiculous font decisions with bad letting/kerning, a poorly laid out photo spread, the obligatory punk scene report, vague or meandering ramblings, lecturing with pedantically big academic words, whining and more!"

20 pages, half-letter sized. Covers risographed by Flatlands Press.

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