Stefan Lorenzutti , John Porcellino
The Stoneware Jug
$ 8.00

In The Stoneware Jug, the incomparably distilled comic art of John Porcellino (King-Cat Comics) brings to life Stefan Lorenzutti's short poems of life's fleeting moments. 

"Each one-page comic is a seasonal diorama of sorts, preserving a moment in time unfolding in the interstices of time: between the chinks of a log cabin in the Polish Highlands, fissures in late-spring ice, and the gap between coziness and creeping concern on a brutally cold winter’s night." - Bored Wolves

28 pages, 14×20 cm, B&W offset. Printed on Arctic Munken Print White 115. Designed by Benjamin Sommerhalder. 

Co-release between Bored Wolves, Nieves, and Spit and a Half. Proceeds benefit the Ukraine-based aid organization Voices of Children.

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