Jennifer Williams
We Need Emotional Labor
$ 12.00

The latest in Jennifer Williams' well-loved workbook zine series. We Need Emotional Labor: Discussion Questions to Redistribute the Work that Holds Communities Together​ is an essential guide to understanding both the value of emotional labor and the imbalance of it.

In her in-depth introduction, Williams asks, "What toxic systems can be uprooted if we start to wipe away the idea that taking care of each other is a burden?" While also pointing out that "There are questions we need to ask, though, before this giving and receiving: Is it consensual? Is it valued? Is it reciprocal?" (Clementine Morrigan.) In this, she examines how the weight of emotional labor's imbalance often falls on women, gender nonconforming folks, and people of color.

What follows is a couple dozen questions to help you delve deep into your own relationship to giving and receiving emotional labor. A zine to spend time with—whether on your own, in relationships, or small groups.

72 page, half-letter size.

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