The Binary Marketing Show
Somehow We’ll Grow Into Some Overlapping Oak (Selected Songs, 2007-2022)
$ 12.00

As a music project, The Binary Marketing Show has existed for over twenty years, welcoming collaborators in, meditating on the unknowable and human's place in the natural world. For over half those years, Bethany Carder and Abram Morphew have headed up this ever-evolving musical entity of electronic and acoustic sounds.

The tenth volume of our Selected Songs series focuses on this pairing's time at the helm and the broad range of sounds they've helped usher into the world. Gathering work from their full-length albums, EPs, split LPs, and collaborative appearances, Somehow We'll Grow Into Some Overlapping Oak highlights the more song-like side of their often collage-like approach. 

Existing on the outskirts of experimental pop, indie electronic, singer-songwriter, and electro-acoustic composition, the songs on this volume push and pull between the familiar and comforting to the unfamiliar and off-kilter, simultaneously catchy and strange.

Listen on Bandcamp.

Released on Antiquated Future Records. Dubbed on metallic gold-foil cassettes, packaged in letterpress and offset-print boxes by Stumptown Printers Worker Cooperative, accompanied by a liner-notes booklet with essays by The Binary Marketing Show and Selected Songs series co-curator Joshua James Amberson.

The Selected Songs series seeks to shine a light on under-appreciated and overlooked artists from the present and past. Each volume serves as a curated primer to an artist’s catalog, or a hand-picked selection of an artist’s lost or forgotten songs. 

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