Various Artists , Billy McCall
Behind the Zines #12: A Zine About Zines
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Now available only in a back issue 6-packA singular deep-dive into so many facets of zine culture: Let it Sink's secrets of great zine design, the current pencil-zine wave, life at Zine Club Chicago, zine reviews, zine astrology, and how to organize one of the world's biggest zine operations. So many of our favorite zine pals writing in one place!

With contributions from: Saeko Reed, Anna Gecko, Angela Page, Jim Joyce, Todd Taylor, Ed Kemp, Johnny Gamber, Ayun Halliday, Marc Fischer, Chris Aumen, Liz Mason, Cynthia Hanifin, Heather Anacker, and Rebeca Alamo Gonzalez

40 pages, half-letter size.

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