Matthew Thompson , Various Artists
Fluke Fanzine #19: The Mail Art Issue
$ 5.00

The 30th-anniversary issue of Fluke Fanzine! And it's a really sweet one, focused entirely on mail art (the act of sending small-form art through the postal service). This issue includes interviews with some true diehards from the first 50 years of mail art as an artistic movement, and a lot of history you likely can't get anywhere else.

Editor Matthew Thompson traveled far and wide for interviews with: buZ blurr; John Held, Jr; Anna Banana; Leslie Caldera; EF Higgins III; Ryosuke Cohen; Noriko Shimizu; Henry Denander; and Chuck from the post office. Plus a bonus 1977 interview with the father of mail art, Ray Johnson! Holy cow.

76 pages, full-color, perfect-bound.

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