Jim Joyce
In Hell, Green Hell: An Appreciation of Earth A.D.
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There are few joys in life quite like a Jim Joyce zine. It's a wild ride—an experience, some might argue—and you're a little changed by it (or, at worst, mildly confused). No two are the same and this time he takes on the music-zine subgenre, writing an off-the-wall version of a 33 1/3 book for The Misfits' Earth A.D. album. (Little more than a general understanding of who The Misfits are is required.) 

Or, as the publisher says: "Glenn and Jerry’s hijinks reached a rolling boil with Earth A.D. Neither Robo’s fatherly balditude nor Doyle’s jumpy deltoids could calm or deter the band’s breakup after this most quickest and sonically inferior of Misfits albums. Do you want to know about the night in question? Do you care to learn the facts as we know them? Behold—this zine tells all that’s known on the original 9 songs. Bonus inclusion of Glenn Danzig’s workout plan."

24 pages, cut half-letter size. 

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