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The Washboard Abs

Out of print! But available digitally for free/donation on our Bandcamp. 

The first full-length from The Washboard Abs. Gorgeous, textural bedroom pop from Olympia, Washington. The beginning of something great.

The first printing of 100 red-shelled cassettes. Vellum inserts...[ continued ] The Washboard Abs- Something New

Last two copies before it goes out of print! The first EP from The Washboard Abs. Whateverland is a collection of brilliant lo-fi bedroom-folk and garage pop.

Released on Slovakian tape label Z Tapes. Listen on Bandcamp.

[ continued ]
The Washboard Abs- Way Down

On Recurring Chasms, Olympia's The Washboard Abs take their intimate indie-pop to new heights. Incorporating angular rhythms and art-rock sensibilities to these perfectly distilled songs, the album is a beautiful and complex journey through personal battles and trauma recovery.

Available on cassette with digital download. Released on Antiquated Future Records.

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The Washboard Abs- Submission