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Sister Grotto , Braeyden Jae
Born to Lose/Born to Leave $ 5.00 back

Long-form ambient works from Denver minimalist artist Sister Grotto and Salt Lake City's Braeyden Jae. Guitars, tape sounds, bass tones, plenty of pedals. Slow soft-gaze. Hypnotic heartbreak.

For fans of early Eluvium and the melodic drones of Grouper and Mount Eerie.

Recorded at Rhinoceropolis. Printed on metallic gold cassettes. Comes with digital download code.

Released on Antiquated Future Records. Listen on Bandcamp.

"Make no mistake, this is masterful work. Born to Lose is minimal and melancholy guitar cloaked in static, representing confusion and turmoil in the face of having to constantly move forward to survive." - Ryan Masteller, Cassette Gods

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