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Nicole Levine , Annie Murphy , Eberhardt Press
Tarot Journal (Six of Bones) $ 7.00 back

A gorgeous, spiral-bound, tarot journal printed in Portland, Oregon. The journal begins with a fourteen-page guide to journaling with the tarot and four different example tarot spreads. Cover illustration by Annie Murphy (SymbologyI Still Live), from The Collective Tarot deck, and guide written by Nicole Levine.

"Use your journal to learn the tarot, to become familiar with a new deck, to record your days, to dig deep into your personal tarot readings, to draw your spreads, to create your own super-detailed tarot grimoire...the possibilities are endless."

Six of Bones: Success; satisfaction; rejuvenation; acceptance of bounty.

3" x 4.5”, 50 pages. Black cover with metallic-gold ink, unlined cream-colored pages.

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