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The Washboard Abs
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The first full-length from The Washboard Abs. Gorgeous, textural bedroom pop from Olympia, Washington. The beginning of something great.

Limited-edition second printing of 100 clear-shelled cassettes. With cardstock covers printed by Eberhardt Press. 

Released on Antiquated Future Records. Listen on Bandcamp.

**For the remainder of 2018, The Washboard Abs will be donating sales from all their albums (both digital and physical) to Real Rent Duwamish, a land trust/reparations project for the Duwamish tribe whose land the Seattle area is occupying.** 

"Delicate chamber pop for the lost at sea. At once nostalgic, dreamy, ethereal, haunting, and beautiful like a sunset remembered on the last day of something big. Intimate, minimal, and full of wonder." - Greg Hanson, Cassette Gods 

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