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The Washboard Abs
Lowlight Visions $ 5.00 back

The third album from The Washboard Abs finds them reinventing themselves yet again. After the bedroom-folk of Have U Scanned Ur Club Card? and the short, full-band bursts of Recurring ChasmsLowlight Visions is both a continuation of their pop prowess and a revelation: a fully-realized vision by a band at the height of its powers.

A complex indie-pop album, steeped in jazz and art-pop influences, Lowlight Visions confronts the declining health of a partner and the possibility of loss.

Listen on Bandcamp.

**For the remainder of 2018, The Washboard Abs will be donating sales from all their albums (both digital and physical) to Real Rent Duwamish, a land trust/reparations project for the Duwamish tribe whose land the Seattle area is occupying.** 

"Lowlight Visions might just be the most impressive album The Washboard Abs have made...it’s a brave artist who takes the very personal worry and suffering and uses it to build something that’s this complex and multifaceted, vulnerable but not hopeless, forgoing nihilistic dejection in favour of a strange kind of love, an appreciation of what stands to be lost." - Various Small Flames 


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