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Helen Jones , Various Artists
Incandescent, Issue Twelve $ 14.00 back

This issue of the Incandescent photo zine considers what's lingering in the periphery. As Laura Zurowski says in the introduction, "If central vision is all about the facts and light of day, the periphery allows us access into the house of mysteries, shadows, and uncertainty."

Featuring: Adam Allegro, Natasha Cantwell, Joanne Coates, Marc Falzon, Tzvetie Garneva, J. Daniel Hud, Jason Kerzinski, Robert Law, Catherine Lemble, Daniel McCullough, Svetlana Mladenovic, Ana Lía Orézzoli, Madeline Pieschel, Joseph Ritchie, Chip Rutan, Iggy Smalls, Jaclyn Touchstone, Graham Wiebe, and Jens Windolf.

First Pressing of 250. 6.5" x 8", solid wax ink. 84 pages, full color. 

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