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Danny Noonan , Various Artists
Clock Tower Nine #14 $ 2.50 back

In an attempt to figure out the last record he would ever sell, Danny Noonan writes the story of a skittish teenager’s discovery of punk that leads him to house shows and eventually a move across the country. It’s a celebration of record stores that spans 25 years and explores the anxiety of youth, the community of punk, and how much it sucks not to be able to find a job when you need it the most. 

Clock Tower Nine contributors from Seattle, Tukwila, Minneapolis, and Cleveland weigh in on a range of topics including: 8-track tapes, lonely videogames, losing battles on the bus, The Zombies, the Ultimate Warrior, struggling with religion after a horrible accident, and more.

36 pages, blue and teal risograph-printed cover.

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